Le Cosi

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Le Cosi

If Corsica could talk ...

If Corsica was a sunny island 1h30 from Paris, there would not be enough to make a fuss. Let alone a restaurant. But Corsica is another story ... that tells Cosi.

In climbing the street Cujas along the Sorbonne, a grass scent of the maquis leads you up to No. 9. You step inside a true Parisian bistro and there: a Corsican accent to cut with a knife assaults you. Guitars and ancestral songs escape from the playlist iPod. A smell of eggplant brocciu cake convince you to stay.

Between the lines of the card flat, you find the map of the island. And now you are determined to learn the contours.

Corsica is the contrast foremost. Citrus Plains iodine creeks, through the deli mountains, it goes up and down, it's not zigzags mal.Mais if they can not drive, Corsican can cook roast goat, veal casserole with olives, lamb confit with foie gras ... You plan to extend the stay.

To accompany the liquor myrtle, Olivier, the boss tells you there in the mountains of Balagne, a village overlooking the sea ... Cateri ... His parents, restaurateurs too, will take the famous Auberge Chez Leon. You take a look at the pictures pinned on the orange walls, the books in the library, bottles of wine on the island zinc counter ...

The Cosi tells Corsica Parisians who know her well and those who have never set foot on Cosi tells Corsica to the exiles, to those who love and those who hate it, as well.

An evening at Cosi is a chapter of Corsica which opens in Paris, holiday memories, a starting drive, a pleasure to be there.

An evening at Cosi is little more than a dinner out and a little less than a round trip on the island of beauty, but in between, a suspended moment of culinary grace, exploration 'a territory. And the roll of the sea on the horizon.


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Corsican and Provençal cuisine

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Restaurant Corsica and Provençal


Caterer, Private Hire, Terrace

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Restaurant Ticket , Eurocard/Mastercard, Cash, Visa, Cheques, American Express, Debit Card

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9 Rue Cujas 75005 Paris 01 43 29 20 20